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 My name is Heather Jones.  Before coming to see Dr. Krown, I was experiencing very bad lower back, hip, and neck pain.  I was also suffering from a number of painful migraines.  I have had back and neck pain since recently being involved in a car accident, and have had migraines since I was a teenager.  On a scale from 1 to 10, my paid was at a 9.  I had taken a lot of pain medicine for the migraines.  These medicines made me feel very tired, and never quite got rid of the migraines.  I took several different types of pain medicine, and there was always the possibility that I could become addicted. When I came in for my first appointment with Dr. Krown, I felt right at home. The staff became like my family.  Dr. Krown recommended moist heat, and a few more adjustments in order to maintain my pain free days.  After this, I stopped having migraines, and felt improvements in my back and neck.  My daughter and mother both see a Chiropractor.  Dr. Krown has almost eliminated my daughter’s need for asthma medication.  I have told several people to come to Dr. Krown.  You will feel healthier, happier, and “well-adjusted”.

 For more success stories like this one come in to our office and read our "Patient Testimonies" book.  We would love to add your success story to our collection!